Mike's Welcome Speech

Welcome to the 2008 World Massage Festival. I'd like to start off this year by thanking a group of people that have supported the festival since the beginning and have stayed true with us ... our vendors. Thanks guys! Then I'd like to give a shout out to our instructors this weekend. They are truly world class.

And this years' Hall of Fame class reads like a Dream Team. Thank you all for coming. Massage Magazine is here today and Ralph Stephens is reporting for Massage Today for us. Thank you Ralph.

Over $22,000 worth of door prizes will be given away this weekend. Please be sure and write to the donor and thank them. If you had donated something, you would like to hear a "THANKS!" too.

Lanny Moody will be our entertainment before the reception and I know you are going to enjoy his down home sense of humor. Each night there will be a pool party at the lagoon hot tub to discuss the days' events. You are invited to join us. I hope all of you will send out a press release when you get home to your local paper. It should be directed towards the "People On The Move" or Business section and highlight your completion and/or certification in the classes you accomplished here at the festival. This one simple thing along with the place you work and business phone number will bring you business. If you are unable to fill out the evaluation form for this weekend or registration form for next year, they will be online after the festival.

Twenty-six of you are already halfway to your free year by attending this festival. Details are on our website at the very beginning, how anyone can get their massage education free for life. I hope all twenty six of you make it and hundreds follow you. No other program in the country is offering you this type of opportunity and giving back to its supporters. Today, we start with the first ever, non association driven Symposium. Dr. Lisa Upledger is our moderator. She will be joined by the panel behind her.

There are no sacred cows. No subjects are off the table. We ask you to leave your titles at the door and enter the discussions open-minded. Our theme is "Massage - The Next Ten Years".

Please after filling out the forms you were given as you entered, go to the podium and ask your questions. Then hand them to the secretary to be filed. If your question is not answered please note and it will be answered online. With that ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Dr. Lisa Upledger.

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