Mike's Friday night speech

Hello again everyone,

I was so glad to see a lot of you at the Symposium this afternoon. I will schedule it differently at our next Festival to give you more time to prepare. We may even do it "Texas Style" over breakfast. The questions posed were well thought out and the panel was fantastic with their answers. We did not have a question not answered. A lot of you asked me afterwards for there to be more of these. I can promise you that there will be a lot more of these events at Festivals in the future. I would like to thank all those that participated again. It was fun and educational.

I would like to encourage you to use your programs for autographs from the Hall of Fame members that are here. We left space by their pictures so they can sign them for you.

I would like to announce the creation of the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Library. The committee is forming now. The purpose is to try and secure as many literary aspects of massage as possible. We have been in existence for 5,000 years and yet we have no standards to allow us to be recognized as part of the healthcare solution.

We must organize ourselves. We cannot wait for associations or anyone else to do it for us or they will control us. Thus today we began by loosely forming the Massage Therapy Advocacy Council (MTAC) at the Symposium and asked questions of participants to get their reactions. More will be coming forward from MTAC, especially the advocacy of education.

I wanted to thank Massage Publications for sponsoring James Waslaski's class and all of our vendors, instructors and Hall of Fame members. Especially George Kousaleous for returning from the 2006 Hall of Fame class to sit on the panel with us today. With the business part of the meeting over with, it is time for some fun.

Lanny Moody is a humorist and comedian from Atlanta, Georgia. He has performed in colleges, churches and corporations throughout the U.S. and internationally. He has opened for a number of artiest and has appeared on the TV show "Comedy Street." He is writing his first book; "Men are from Mars because Women killed all the Men on Venus." Lanny is a special guy; so special when he was in school he got to sit right beside the teacher's desk! Ladies and Gentlemen, from Atlanta, Georgia, please welcome ... LANNY MOODY!!!!!!

(Lanny proceeded to bring down the house. If you missed him, you'll get another chance next year in Texas. He is coming back!!!)

WOW!! Thank you, Lanny.

Ok, every year, I do commercials at this time and since this is our third year, I have picked three things or businesses to focus on. Last year it was the GYRO-gym from Alabama and oh yea, O2Zones' oxygen therapy.

This year first off is "The Eye Port". This is an invention of Dr. Jacob Liberman, you can find it online at www.exerciseyoureyes.com Dr. Liberman has also honored us by joining the Hall of Fame in 2010 in Kentucky. Guys this is the closest thing I have found to massage your eyes. Simply rolling your eyes does not get you to focus the nerve muscles you need to strengthen the eye.

Two weeks ago, I had to use glasses to read and now I don't. I will be up here to demonstrate this remarkable invention after the presentation and if you have questions, I am sure Dr. Liberman will have plenty of them in Kentucky.

Next is Topricin. WOW guys you have to try this product. Samples are in your registration bags. Do it tonight. When you get back to your room, put it on your hands and tell me how you feel in the morning. It doesn't have an odor. It is grease-less and it works. Half my staff uses it because they do deep tissue work and they don't have to ice-down anymore. Try it.

And next is The Hands-On-Trade Association that brings you total insurance coverage without all the politics that usually come along with it. We are glad to be associated with Hands-On-Trade and glad to have them as a World Massage Festival Friend.
Classes start in the morning so be ready and don't forget the pool party at the Lagoon pool. There are hors d'oeuvres in the lobby ... enjoy!


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