Personal letter of thanks from Mike:

Thank you all. The 2008 Festival was everything we had hoped for and more. The highlight has been contemplated since the Festival ended. Was it our new found comedian Lanny Moody, the creation of MTAC (Massage Therapy Advocacy Council) at the Symposium, our wide selection of fabulous vendors or the great classes?

Registration went very smoothly, with the Pennsylvania leaders coming down and helping. Mom, Dad and family came in from the Carolinas and took care of the door prizes and all the TEACHERS were outstanding. A "Special Thanks" goes out to Margie Meshew & James Waslaski for their assists. To Ralph Stephens for braving the storm as Keynote Speaker and Judi Calvert for bringing us our history, mucho kudos!

The Symposium was fantastic, but "my bad", I should have scheduled it later as some attendees were running a little late. It really was another first for massage, The first "Town Hall Massage Meeting". Everyone left their affiliations at the door and openly discussed the profession and direction of massage. There will be many more.

I would personally like to thank every one of the leaders that were on the panel. Every leader asked to attend, not only showed up, but they were able to address every concern the attendees had. You are truly Bridge Builders!

The panel members were James Waslaski, Ralph Stephens, Paul St. John, Vivian Madison-Mahoney, George Kousaleos, Judi Calvert, Michael Buck, Linda Kramer (Sudevi), Nathalie Cecilia, Laurie Azzarella, Sandy Fritz, Raul Sr, & Estrellita Izquierdo, Joe Ferguson, Pat Donohue, Von Keller, Julia Young-Hayes and Missy Irwin. Dr. Lisa Upledger was a "natural" as the moderator.

From here, we are New Braunfels, Texas bound. The venue will be smaller, allowing less entry. I see us sold out early in Texas. So here is your first "heads up", register now! With one, if not two associations already coming, you better get in quick.

It's going to be different (as all our gatherings are), with the theme being "The Retreat". Ideas so far are balloon rides, campfire stories with s'mores and marshmallows, and cowboy poets. Let us hear your ideas. And if you are a Bridge Builder and would like to be part of the Festival, let us know.

Take care,
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