Mike's Welcome Speech

Good Morning, My name is Mike Hinkle, for those of you, who haven't met me yet, "Hello!"

I know it is early. I hope you enjoyed the campfire, movie (That's my mom's favorite movie), and the vendor's party. I hope you took advantage of the opportunity to get to know all the vendors. And they all say they're coming back next year. Hey do me a favor and send the person you get your door prize from a "thanks" email or note. Thanks.

This morning we are here for "The Symposium". First off, the rules are to have fun, get informed, BE NICE AND ONLY ONE SPEAKER AT A TIME.

As the convening presenter, I have started the process with my report from last year, which you were given as you entered, along with your 2009 Survey- please complete this survey and turn it in to the Secretary, Darcy Neibur. You also got information about the Art Contest and reasons I had you bring your programs.

For this symposium to work, the panel and I must get to know you a little. When I say a certain group, raise your hands. Most of you will fall into more than one category. General public (thinking about going to school), Students, graduates waiting for test, teachers, CEU providers, therapists, establishment owners, vendors, school owners, insurance providers, associations. TAMT, AMTA, AMTA Texas, ABMP, HOTA, IMA Group, NAMT? How many independents? How many of you got an email from me? Magazine? Friend? Email?

The symposium is attended by basically two groups. You are therapists and the panel represents the industry. You are each advocates for your representative groups of people that can't be here today. This group meeting then creates the Massage Therapy Advocacy Council (MTAC). It represents a true cross-section of our industry. There is no aspect of our profession that is not represented here today.

I will review the minutes and videos and will submit a report on accomplishments derived from these proceedings to the profession next year based on references made at this year's meeting.

Simply put, our symposium is a meeting where two or more speakers lay out facts and beliefs and then attendees ask questions of them and the panel of industry professionals.

Our symposium has an addition. Last year, I noticed some questioners leaving the podium still confused. Therefore, we will have advocates for the advocates. We will now have two MC's each year.

Ralph Stephens will be the therapist's advocate and MC. He is to assure the person's question is addressed as best possible. Cliff Korn will be the panel's advocate and MC. He will elaborate as he deems needed.

We hope that our panel derives as much as the therapists do. Now to introduce our panel this year: On our panel besides Cliff and Ralph, we have; Judi Calvert, James Waslaski, Vivian Madison-Mahoney, Pat Donohue, Joe Ferguson, Margie Meshew, Nathalie Cecelia, Ruthie Piper Hardee, Anita Shannon, Angie Patrick, David Lauterstein and Ariana Vincent. And special guests, Yvonne from the Texas Dept. of Health and Kathy Jensen from FSMTB.

I know you are all anxious to get going with your questions, but before we start, we will probably get a lot of your quizzing answered by listening to the two speakers that I told you about earlier. We have Vivian Madison Mahoney, our WMF Legislative and Insurance Advisor; to tell us about her trip to the National Health Project in Washington DC and give us an update overall. We also have Kathy Jensen from FSMTB who will give us a report on the state of the industry. Ladies & Gentlemen: Vivian Madison- Mahoney

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