Mike's 2009 Hall of Fame speech

Good evening and welcome everyone. Have you had fun today? How many of you won door prizes? Better check the numbers on the board. We have over $30,000 in free prizes!!

The winners of the school competition today are Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage and Hands on Therapy, congratulations, to both schools.

I'd like to give a shout out to: Two great events about to happen. Hand in Hand Gathering May 1-3 in Orlando, FL and May 2nd - May 9th is the Costa Rica Cruise with James Waslaski and Erik Dalton. That will be a lot of fun. And James will be up here as the Keynote Speaker in a little bit.

I would also like to give a shout out for the Massage Therapy Foundation. A lot of you this morning said you were teachers. You have the best resource there is for you in the Foundation. When I was in school, teachers complained about not having proof. All you have to do now is contact the Foundation and introduce the information to your students.

First there were several questions concerning this mornings' symposium. Cindy from New Jersey wanted me to explain about the free education. Ok Scott, Cecelia, Darcy, Shawn, Mike, Nell and Vickye have three years. Please stand up. These folks have one year to go and then they get their fifth year free. Then they pay four more years and they never have to pay again. How many folks here have 10 years as a therapist? Wouldn't you like to get your education free, as of now?

Jack from Texas wanted to know about Volunteerism program. OK. All this information is at our site, but basically the President of the US will honor your volunteerism.

You know this morning, during the symposium, I kept trying to figure a way to get therapists to remember reciprocity and then I remembered massage school and how we used acronyms so I came up with - Massage Agreement Reciprocity of States - MARS. Think they'll know where we're coming from?

Now, please help me welcome, "The Funniest Man in Georgia, Lanny Moody!"

(After Lanny)

How many of you were here for the symposium this morning?

Great! We learned a lot and hopefully some of you will act upon openings you see in the fence holding back this profession. This weekend, I see two Texas associations working together here and saving their associations money that they can now use to promote massage in other ways. We are contacting 26 states to have their annual meetings at next year's Festival in Kentucky. And we extend the offer to all associations that have attended this Festival as well.

Wow, here we go, Is Paul Frizzell here? Please raise your hand if you started in the massage profession in 1989 or before. Will everyone with 20 or more years as a massage therapist please come on down front?

As you see, we have something for those starting out with the student competition, volunteerism for those in the middle and the Pioneers of Massage for those with at least twenty years as a therapist. There is something for everyone to do and be recognized for at the Festival.

It has only been the last 30 years that we have been welcomed to attend health related gatherings. As a profession, we are a baby. There are so many avenues in this profession for growth, just pick one and go.

All of you are on a great journey and here to help us a little more along the way is my mentor, adviser, friend and our Key Note James Waslaski.

Hall of Fame Speeches / Biotone is the Institution of the Year/ Lifetime Achievement Award Winner John Malinowski.

There are three more awards. They are new, as were the Pioneers: School of the Year - Lauterstein/Conway School of Massage, Teacher of the Year - William Morey of Destin, FL and The Association of the Year for 2009 is ABMP.

And now the list of 2011 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Inductees:
Judith Aston - Key Note Speaker
Diana Thompson
Leslie Young
Susan Salvo
Lynn Wind
Lynda Solien-Wolfe
Whitney Lowe
Leon Chaitow
Deane Juhan
Jack Thomas
David Lauterstein
Peter Wind

The Institution of The Year will be the Massage Therapy Foundation.
The Lifetime Achievement Award Winner is Pat Donohue.

That concludes the Awards portion of the program. The reception starts now. Ladies and gentlemen the 2009 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame and this year's award winners.

The floor is now open for pictures. Snacks and refreshment are being served in the common area. Mingle, network and "Thank you" for attending. We'll see you all in Kentucky next year.

Next year's instructors are Paul St. John, James Waslaski, Judith Delany, Ruthie Piper Hardee, Laura Allen, Claire Marie Miller, Brita Ostrom, Linda Kramer, Eeva Valha, Terry Norman and Tina Allen. It will be our 5th year and we are planning a reunion. Until then, Be happy!

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