Personal letter of thanks from Mike:

Smiles and hugs were everywhere, after all Sunday was "National Hug a Friend Day"!

The symposium was fantastic with a panel of Vivian Madison - Mahoney, Pat Donohue, Joe Ferguson, James Waslaski, Judi Calvert, Ruthie Piper Hardee, Nathalie Cecelia, Margie Meshew, Anita Shannon, David Lauterstein, Ariana Vincent, Angie Patrick, Kathy Jensen from FSMTB and Yvonne Smith from the Texas Health Dept. Cliff Korn was MC and advocate for the panel and industry. Ralph Stevens was MC and advocate for the therapists. The comment forms were all positive and next year we are expecting a huge symposium.

The Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Ceremonies were highlighted by Nathalie Cecelia, who brought her family over from France and Jenny Ray, who spoke of how much it meant to her people. It was an endearing ceremony. James Waslaski's Keynote Speech really explained every aspect we are trying to improve upon in the profession. He is truly a master.

And new awards were given this year. ABMP won "Association of The Year", William "Dr. Bill" Morey took home "Teacher of The Year" and the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage, in Austin, TX received "School of The Year" honors. We also recognized and will from now on, every person with 20 or more years as a licensed therapist, as "The Pioneers of Massage". A certificate as a pioneer will be issued to every Pioneer each year they attend.

Next year is our 5th Anniversary. Our Hall of Fame reception will be themed, "Reunion for Massage". All Hall of Fame Members, Pioneers and therapists worldwide are invited to attend. The house will be packed. We hope you will join us.

Thanks everybody.... it only gets better.


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