Dan Bienenfeld

Dan Bienenfeld is an early pioneer of Hellerwork having completed his training in 1980, and being one of the very first students of Hellerwork. His dedication to the advancement of Hellerwork has seen him as a past president of the Hellerwork Practitioners Association and a past member of the Board of Directors for Hellerwork International. He has been a faculty member of Hellerwork International since 1985 and consequently has participated in the training of most of the Hellerwork Practitioners in the United States and abroad. Dan has received training in Structural Integration in the tradition of Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D. and advanced training in Structural Awareness with Dorothy Nolte, Ph.D. Dan was the cofounder or the Los Angeles Healing Arts Center, one of the largest and most well respected Integrative Medical centers of its kind. He has a successful Hellerwork practice in Pacific Palisades, California.

Website: California Hellerwork Institute

Principles of Structural Integration for Massage Therapists
2 CE Contact Hours

In this two hour presentation, Dan Bienenfeld senior faculty for Hellerwork Structural Integration will present theory and usable guidelines for bodywork assessment and treatment protocols. Massage therapists will become aware of the guiding principles for Structural Integration that can enhance and improve your session results. Hellerwork combines structural bodywork, movement education and dialogue to facilitate powerful and transformational results for clients. Dan is author of "Align for Life, Journey to Structural Integration", a workbook and resource for clients and practitioners. He is a Training Director of the California Hellerwork Institute and the chairman of the Education Board of Hellerwork Structural Integration.

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