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Ruth Werner, 2012 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Inductee, is the President of the Massage Therapy Foundation, a public charity dedicated to advancing the practice of massage therapy through scientific research, education, and community service. She will be presenting a 4-hour class, Teaching Research Literacy: Teach Your Teachers, on Wednesday, July 13, from 1:00-5:00 pm
Our first research presenter will be Jenny Ray, 2009 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame member, presenting on the "Sanitation Research on all Massage Implements as well as Temperature and Contraindications". She will make her presentation at 11:00 am Wednesday, July 13, 2011.
Nancy M. Porambo, MS, CNMT, NCTMB is the owner/operator of The Therapy Option, Inc. in Jim Thorpe, PA for the past 20 years. She was also elected recently to serve on the National Board of Directors of the American Massage Therapy Association. Nancy will be presenting a 12-hour class, Fibromyalgia - Demystifying the Unexplained Disorder!, on Thursday and Friday, July 14-15.

Whitney Lowe, 2011 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Inductee has been a massage professional for over 20 years and is widely known for his expertise in assessment and massage therapy treatment approaches for chronic pain and injury conditions. His contributions to the massage field are wide-ranging and include extensive research and professional publications, teaching, clinical work, consulting, and participation in national boards and committees. He will be presenting Profiting from the Frontiers of Massage Research on Thursday, July 14.

Patricia Huff, founder of Crystal Light Therapy, will present the safe and therapeutic use of crystals in massage and bodywork.Using basalt stones, crystals and temperature in your practice can expand the massage into the energetic realms. She will address the safety issues as well as the benefits.

Poster and Presentation Guidelines: Must be an original work that has NOT been presented at any other conference.

Poster Specs - The suggested poster size is 4' x 6'. Poster materials should be of the size and type that will fit within the allotted space and can be secured with either Velcro or push pins. The poster should present an abstract of the project that includes the following: your name, the institution where the project was based, project title, the purpose of conducting the project, a description of the population, procedures, critical results, and a discussion of the significance of the outcome. Poster presenters are encouraged to make handouts of their abstracts and findings available to attendees. These materials can be shipped to WMF staff in advance or can be brought by the presenter if he/she plans to be present. Tables and bulletin boards will be provided.

Poster review guidelines: 1.) Significance: Does the study address an important problem? - Relevance for Massage and Bodywork Profession. 2.) Scientific and Technical Merit: Are the conceptual framework, design, methods, and analyses adequately developed? Does the applicant acknowledge any potential problem areas? - Design is well developed and appropriate to the study aims- Study aims are original and innovative

After submitting the form below, please send on complete proposal to Include all of the following information:

  • * Title/Abstract (50 word maximum for abstract; appropriate for inclusion in program booklet)

  • * Learner Objective(s) include 1 or more learner objectives to be addressed through this presentation

  • * Description (300 word maximum providing sufficient information concerning the presentation for reviewers to evaluate its suitability for this year's Festival

  • * Bibliography (5-10 references that are relevant to the content of this presentation)

  • * Target Audience - Students, Entry Level Professionals or Experienced Professionals

  • * Key words - list one or more key words that denote the main topic(s) of the presentation

Your Name:
Your Company:
Focus of Topic (Check all that apply):
Client Population(s)
Education and Training
Clinical Techniques
Professional Issues
Public Relations
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Format (Check all that apply):
Oral Presentation
Poster Presentation

Preferred Length of Presentation:
30 Minutes
60 Minutes

Target Track (Check only one):
Professional Topics

By submitting this form and a proposal, I am agreeing to present at any time during the Festival at which my presentation is scheduled.
By submitting this form and a proposal, I understand that my presentation may be recorded
I understand that if I want my posters returned to me after the Festival, I will pay the cost of return postage.

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