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Our Mission Statement: To honor those who built the bridges for our profession,
to educate the general public about massage, to educate therapists
about different types of massage and to have fun.

10 Reasons The Boss Should Pay Your Way To Festival!

The 2012 World Massage Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada is a sure winner and we know that sometimes it is a little hard to convince your boss to pay for education. But, if you need help justifying his paying for your attendance, take a look through the Top Ten Reasons or Justifications below for a little jump start...
  1. Value. Registration is priced lower than any other major convention! Our early bird price is only $350, less than half the cost of some other industry conferences. And for this, you can get up to 26 NCBTMB-approved continuing education hours. Not to mention, after attending nine consecutive years, you would never have to pay for your education again!

  2. World class speakers. This convention is packed with world class instructors from the massage industry, speakers who are in high demand. You'll learn from the top instructors in the profession.

  3. Education. Attending the Festival allows you to learn from the best in the massage industry. You'll learn something new each day, from both your instructors and the vendors in the Exhibit Hall.

  4. You're not asking for a day off work. That's right-you'll be working. While Las Vegas is famous for a good time, it's not all about the fun. You'll be learning tips and tools to use back at the office; information that can be shared with co-workers and used again and again.

  5. Variety. You're sure to find the perfect combination of techniques and modalities with the variety of content from our instructors. Whether you're working in a clinical or medical setting or a more relaxed spa atmosphere, our speakers have you covered! We're not your everyday convention! The 2012 World Massage Festival has professional development opportunities for everyone from entry-level to experienced therapists.

  6. Networking. Meet peers and learn best practices from others in the massage industry. The WMF draws attendees from around the country and beyond. From meetups to classroom, the WMF has built-in opportunities for networking.

  7. Location, location, location. So, your boss may not be too excited about sending you to Las Vegas based on its reputation of great food and even better parties, but aside from the gambling and shows, Las Vegas is a great location for a convention. Nearly all airlines have low fares, with occasional specials as low as $100 one-way. The Tuscany Suites & Casino, is a steal at $45/night for Festival participants.

  8. Stay on top of the latest massage trends. Our speakers will share a wealth of industry knowledge. You'll come away from the Festival with an appreciation for the latest trends, as well as fresh perspectives on methods that are tried and true. With David Kent as our keynote speaker, you can't lose!

  9. Inspiration. What can be better than learning with your peers in a professional setting? You'll go back to the office feeling more creative, passionate about your profession, and effective at your job.

  10. Picture perfect opportunities. In this era of shrinking budgets, the ability to wear multiple hats is crucial for all of us. Schedule one or two of the "Fast Track" classes and get a taste of a modality or technique that is new to you, BEFORE you invest a lot of money in training.
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