FREE Education???????

You Bet!

If you register and attend FOUR CONSECUTIVE World Massage Festivals
your education will be FREE at the Fifth Festival!

For example....
If you registered and attended classes at the

2007 World Massage Festival (Pensacola, FL)
2008 World Massage Festival (Panama City Beach, FL)
2009 World Massage Festival (New Braunfels, TX)
2010 World Massage Festival (Berea, KY)

your registration for classes in 2011 WILL BE FREE!

You can possibly help in the selection of the location for the 2011 Festival!
Drop us a line
and let us know where YOU would like us to come!

And ......... once you have attended NINE consecutive Festivals, beginning with the TENTH Festival,
you will NEVER AGAIN PAY a Class Registration Fee to attend the World Massage Festivals.

No association does this for you....we hope you will continue to enjoy the varied experiences offered to you by the World Massage Festival as we bring the Festival to an area near YOU!

World Massage Festival * * 336-957-8997