2007 World Massage Festival
Hall of Fame Presentation

WOW!!! WOW!!! Thank you so much. I'd like to thank all of you for coming. I can't think of a better place to hold this Festival Induction than in this Hall of Honors.

How did we do for our first year with teachers?

Before we get into the program too far.. I'd like to explain this Lei. Aunty Margaret from Hawaii sent it last year for her Induction and I promised Lana and Nerita, her daughters, that I would wear it at the Induction Ceremonies each year.

This is a real lei. Not the flowers they give you today. As Islanders would paddle between the islands all they had was a loincloth, their boat and a lei. They were made up of "Life Seed"! Each seed would give enough nourishment for one day or they would burn one for heat and it would last for two hours.

I KEEP SAYING IT….. and you've probably noticed the World Massage Festival is not your typical Convention. And I hope we never are….

And here is one of the main differences with us and other conventions.. ladies and gentlemen I would like to have you help me welcome and induct the newest members of the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

First I'd like to acknowledge the Inductees unable to join us this weekend. Schedule differences have forced some of the Inductees to have to schedule with the Festival in the future so if you attend each year you are sure to see them. This is another reason, we have started picking the Inductees two years ahead.

And yes you can clap and/or holler if your favorite therapist is named.

Those unable to attend are: John Barnes, Judith DeLany, Linda Tellington-Jones, Janet Travell, Theresa Phrimmer, Tom Myers, Aaron Mattes and David Palmer. All these inductees can be seen on our timeline and are hereby officially Inducted into the 2007 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

Tom Myers also sent us a nice acceptance letter and his regrets for not being able to attend tonight. He sends along his regards and his wishes for everyone to enjoy the Festival.

And of course, Alumnis Bonnie Prudden sent the Bonnieisms you will find in your programs.

This weekend we have with us five of our Inductees. You have read their Bios in the program and now I would like to introduce them and have them say a few words as they care to:

Laurie Azzarella
Bruce Baltz
Michael Buck
And accepting for the first ever Hall of Fame Institution a the lady who has been fine tuning Esalen since 1970. She is also our Keynote Speaker this evening. Ladies and Gentlemen from Big Sur, California, I give you the Director of the Esalen Institute and 2007 Inductee to the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame - Brita Ostrom!

The final thing I have to announce before giving everyone the evaluations and the rest of our door prizes is to announce the 2009 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

Tom Bowen
Nathalie Cecelia
Mary McMillan
Jean Shea/Biotone
Moshe Feldenkrais
Margie Meshew
Peter Ling
Tina Allen
Cliff Korn
James Cyriax
John Harvey Kellogg
Jenny Ray

Shawn let's give away the rest of the door prizes.

(At this point, Wanda Nell Carroll from Texas took the stage)
She presented an award to Mike on behalf of all the therapists who appreciate what he does for the industry.
It was a crystal globe on a crystal base engraved:
Mike Hinkle, Founder
World Massage Festival
Massage Therapy Hall of Fame

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