Introducing Founder Mike Hinkle was Camey Hanks of Pensacola, Florida.

Welcome. I'm Camey Hanks. I have lived in Pensacola, all my life.

I am the owner of Heart To Heart. I first met your Founder in 2004 when he first graduated from Pensacola School of Massage Therapy and Health Careers. He was asked to be a school advisor upon his graduation.

He doubled the size of his first massage establishment in one year. Was the AMTA Florida Chapter Newsletter Editor of the Award Winning Journal, he was appointed the Historian, Webmaster, and the Northweast Regional Committee Chair for AMTA Florida.

Mike started the Pensacola AMTA Unit last year and was honored at the 2007 AMTA -FL Chapter Convention in February with the Distinguished Service Award and the 2007 President's Award.

Last November, Mike founded the World Massage Festival and Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you my therapist, Mike Hinkle.

Mike's Welcome Speech

Thank you all so much for coming and WELCOME to the 2007 World Massage Festival and Massage Therapy Hall of Fame!


I'd like to thank some of the folks that came a long ways to join us this weekend. Massage Supplies and Such came in all the way from Ohio. Make sure you buy a lot of her stuff. Anybody farther away than Ohio?

I'd also like to acknowledge the 2007 Hall of Fame Members here this weekend to be honored. Raul Sr. and his wonderful wife Estrelitta Izaquierdo who will be Inducted in Panama City Beach next August are with us. And also I saw Julia Hayes here. Julia will be teaching 16 hours of Aquatic Therapy Techniques in Panama City Beach too.

WOW What a year! There is so much to say and it's been a long day and there's so many prizes to give away. So I'll try to do this quick and get to the FREE STUFF!

A lot of people have asked how did this all come about? How did the Festival start?

OK, A little over a year ago, I started the AMTA Pensacola Unit. After that I was asked by the AMTA to "DO SOMETHING" to interest people in Massage for NMTAW. (As a side note - AMTA's National Massage Therapy Awareness Week starts tomorrow. The Florida State Massage Therapy Association has agreed to follow suit and recognize it too this year and we are kicking off the Week here, with our event).

AWARENESS!!! Big word. Need to draw ATTENTION? We need a FESTIVAL! And we need to "HONOR" those that have been BridgeBuilders. Thus the Hall of Fame, which also led to the creation of our Massage Time line. Make sure to get your picture in front of it.

So, starting with Massage Magazine Founder, Robert Noah Calvert's Wall of Honors list from the now closed World of Massage Museum in Spokane, Washington, the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame was created.

The 2006, 2007 and 2008 Members and Inductees are listed in your programs.

Tomorrow night YOU will be the first to hear the 2009 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame List.

After tomorrow night 48 people and 3 Institutions will be part of the Hall.

Who picks the Hall of Fame? Everyone! I get loads of email and suggestions from people, I research the names and compare them to Roberts list. And then choose six ladies and six men with one Institution a year. I know there are differing opinions on how they should be chosen, but allowing everyone input is the fairest way of all.

Tomorrow evening, you too will be included in this process during your evaluation of the Festival prior to the door prizes. You will be asked who you would like to see added to the 2010 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. The list will be announced at the 2008 Festival.

Before this Festival is over, more than 200 people will have attended 38 classes, compiling thousands of hours of massage related information. Now THAT is a start to Massage Awareness!!!

The Awards .. yeah, kind of neat. It was a real honor in my first year, to receive The 2007 President's Award at the AMTA-Florida Convention from Pat Donahue in Feb. How many people have less than four years being licensed? This shows you can do a lot if you really want to, in these organizations. It was fun and it led me to this Festival. This is where I really need to be.

As you have probably noticed the World Massage Festival is not your typical Convention and I hope it never will be!


How many AMTA members are here? Make sure you sign the participation form at the Information Booth so you get credit for having attended this Festival. By the way, is John Malinowski here?


I love saving people money and here are two ways to do it for the next Festival.

Early Birds ---- $200 if by Sun. ($100 deposit required) then $100 in Feb. It will be ------ $250 after Sun.($125 deposit required)

6 packs- How many of you would like to come free next year? It's possible for everyone of you in this room to do it and here is how. You create a 6 pack. Meaning you find five other therapists to join you at next year's event and you get your classes for free.

The DVDS------ Did you get interviewed today? If not get in tomorrow. Smile at the camera. The entire Festival will be available on DVD.

And any one that takes some great pictures this weekend and would like to have them included in the DVD should email them to us at the website this week. $20 tonight - fill out the form at the information booth and save $10 on postage. It will be $30 if ordered later online.

This year's Theme is "Save The Museum" -The Museum was only opened for four months but has thousands of items that are being logged and prepared for review. Judi Calvert, Robert's wife wants to create a DVD to be able to keep all of these items available for massage students to enjoy for years to come and I would ask those wanting to make donations to do so directly by writing a check to Judi or by purchasing Robert's "History of Massage" Book at the information booth.

One more announcement- at 8 Pm in the Front Room there will be the Musical Harmony relaxation timeout provided by Visionary Music.

But having fun is just as important as learning at the World Massage Festival, so Shawn let's give a lot of this stuff away tonight. Here's how it goes. I'll call the last three numbers on tickets that you were given this morning and put into the tumbler. If your number is called please come up front where you will pull a # out of this container, thereby choosing your own door prize. After receiving your door prize please go across to the other side of stage to get your picture taken for the donator and our website.

Thank you so much - enjoy!


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